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Achievement, that is a word that as people we all are familiar with. In fact life on some level is judged by one’s achievements.

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How successful you are or one’s worth is based on what that person has to show for it, be is certificates, medals, plaques, and trophies; what have you and we all look forward to these mementos


Every milestone reached in life there is usually something to show for it. In some societies when a child is getting ready to move from Kindergarten to Grade 1 there is a graduation ceremony and a certificate given to commemorate this feat.This same scenario is repeated throughout an individual’s life. In the workforce certificates are also awarded on course completion, on skill sets acquired to better help you execute your job, backed up with refresher courses from time to time which keep honing these acquired skills. Typically you are not asked whether or not you want to attend these refresher courses, you simply must attend, especially if you want to keep your job.

Yet strangely enough Marriage is one institution that we step into and the first thing we are given is a certificate saying we have passed before the course is ever taken. In the school of marriage there is no trial run neither is there any pretend marriage. We receive this certificate, from the minister or the court clerk saying (certified fit) for marriage. But truth be told, we all know that standing before the minister with witnesses in tow and being declared fit does not really mean one is fit.

Therefore it’s crucial that to be fit, to flourish, to have a happy and successful marriage, as the certificate given us states, we must be quick studies. We need to learn on the job. But who do we learn from? Definitely not our friends cause they don’t know either. You must go to the originator, He who instituted marriage, He who wrote the book or the manual therefore He knows the ins and outs.  He knows when it is broken and knows what to do to fix it. PRAYER is how we ask for help in this school; PRAYER is how we receive instructions on what next to do, for through PRAYER divine revelation is received. If you as a wife are not asking Jehovah who has all the answers and knows what to do? Where then are you getting your help from?

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